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Biodegradable food bag
Date : 12/07/2019

AnEco fully biodegradable food bags have been tested for food hygiene and safety. The product does not contain any toxic substances when in direct contact with the food can affect user health.

Highlights: A handy product for storing vegetables, cakes, fish, meat and other food items. The bag is constructed to help keep heat and prevent air penetration for a long time. Fastened food bags can retain heat and prevent air penetration for a long time, helping to preserve fresh food longer. Products can be used in refrigerators, freezers temperatures to -40 degrees C. The product helps to minimize dehydration of food in the refrigerator. The material is soft and chewy, does not contain chlorine and any toxic additives that affect health. The product completely decomposes after 1 year into tree humus, CO2 and water, contributing to environmental protection. Convenient when needing to preserve and carry food away. Convenient roll and ribbed design.

User manual:

Use at temperatures below 100 ° C, do not use a microwave Open the outer box along the open mouth to remove the food bag. Preserved in dry, cool place

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