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Biodegradable garment bag
Date : 12/07/2019

Nowadays, man-made pollution on the environment ecosystem is increasing. Including plastic packaging, plastic bags produced in very large quantities, but can not be reused, causing increasing environmental pollution. Especially in big cities, the volume of waste by plastic bags and plastic bags is thrown away by users.

In order to limit the problems of environmental pollution, people have researched and released a type of plastic packaging that can decompose after a certain time. The decomposition formed by biodegradable is the process of thoroughly decomposing plastic packaging (from plastic materials of plant origin) due to the impact of microorganisms and moisture into compost. (compost).

The self-destruct process of plastic packaging goes through two main stages:

First, the molecules of the plastic film expand, become hard and then decay into small debris under the natural impact of the environment: such as sunlight, oxygen, humidity, temperature ... Continue plastic packaging will continue to transform into carbon dioxide, water and biomass absorbed by microorganisms and all these components will slowly integrate into the environment according to the principles of the biological process itself. course. The time it takes for plastic bags to completely decompose is different, most biodegradable packaging will decompose after 1 to 3 years depending on the amount of phase degradation.

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