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Biodegradable gloves
Date : 12/07/2019

Environmentally friendly after use

Biodegradable gloves are awarded the "Environmentally Friendly" certificate issued by the General Department of Environment. Under the effect of moisture, soil's enzymes and microorganisms are produced during the decomposition process, biodegradable gloves will be completely decomposed into CO2, H2O and environment-friendly biomass. 

Material safe, does not react with food

The glove is made of safe plastic material, does not contain toxic chemicals, so you can be assured when using direct contact with food. Biodegradable gloves help to ensure food hygiene and safety during processing and help protect hands from some chemicals when exposed to hair dyes, sanitary equipment in the home ...

Note when using

  • Do not expose to high temperature objects, around the furnace

  • Do not contact sharp objects, saw blades, blades

  • Do not use in solutions


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