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Biodegradable garbage bag
Date : 12/07/2019

After being buried in the ground, biodegradable garbage bags will be converted into CO2 and water, nourishing the plants and the decomposition time is less than 3 years.

From the successful manufacture of biodegradable plastic resins, the research team of the Institute of Chemistry, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology sought to create bags from waste plastic. After two years of research, in 2018, the product bag from biodegradable HDPE waste plastic was successfully produced.

To do this, scientists have carefully studied the properties of HDPE - a type of plastic waste common in Vietnam when discharged directly into the environment will be extremely toxic. This resin is treated, mixed with oxidation promotion additives (including salts and metal compounds), fillers to break down the original structure of the waste plastic, making the carbon bonds weakened. Next is the extrusion technology, blowing, pressing, pulling ... to form a bag. This bag after use, discharged into the environment can decompose.

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